What is Phonemic Awareness?
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What is Phonemic Awareness?

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In these next few lessons we are going to move into something related to phonological awareness- it’s called phonemic awareness. The phrases sound very similar, but they do actually have different meanings. In this lesson we will discuss phonemic awareness more in depth. Let’s get started.

Phonemic Awareness

Phonemic awareness refers to a person’s ability to recognize and manipulate sounds in words. There are many different ways that we can assess, and practice, skills that make up this category. Let’s look at some below:

  • The ability to isolate the phonemes in a given word
  • The ability to blend sounds together
  • The ability to segment sounds
  • The ability to substitute sounds
  • The ability to delete sounds in a word
  • The ability to add sounds to words

You may be wondering, “Why would we need to work on all of these things? We certainly don’t go around day to day segmenting words into its sounds, or deleting sounds from words.” And yes, on one hand that is true! But, we should think of these skills as simply exercises that will build your child’s brain muscles to support good reading and spelling skills as they grow up! The ability to participate in activities like these, and do them well, will help your child be a better reader, writer, and speller!

How To Recognize If Your Child Is Struggling

As we move through this next series of lessons, we will break these items listed above down one by one. In each lesson we will give you some ways in which you can assess if your child is struggling in this area, as well as some activities to try at home! It’s important to catch any issues your child may be having early in order to best give them the support that they need.

Be sure to check out the following lessons. We are here and ready to help! Can’t wait to get started.

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