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Expressable Academy is part of our company's overall mission to support families throughout their speech therapy journey.

Speech therapy is so much more effective when practice is incorporated and reinforced throughout person's everyday life. With that in mind, we created Expressable Academy - a robust and comprehensive library of educational content and at-home activities to help individuals reach their communication goals.

Whether you're a parent or caregiver hoping to better support your child, an individual seeking to improve your speech and language skills, or a speech-language pathologist looking to supplement in-session learning with additional practice, Expressable Academy can help!

Expressable Academy includes hundreds of written lessons and accompanying videos authored by our team of speech-language pathologists. Each lesson is organized by the foundational speech therapy skills required to master specific communicational goals. We'll continuously be populating new lessons each week and always welcome suggestions, which can be submitted to info@expressable.io.

How Families and Individuals Can Use Expressable Academy

Whether you're currently working with a speech therapist, or are simply looking for some speech therapy tips and techniques to practice at home, Expressable Academy is a valuable resource.

Simply navigate the left-hand column to see a drop-down list of different lessons you can implement at home. If you or your child are already working with a speech therapist, make sure to share Expressable Academy with them so they can provide some additional guidance.

How Speech-Language Pathologists Can Use Expressable Academy

Based on a mountain of clinical evidence as well as your own experiences, speech therapists know how important parent and caregiver participation is to a child's success. Feel free to share this resource with your clients by sending individual lessons based on the skills you're currently working on.

There are two ways to share Expressable Academy lessons with clients:

1. Texting: Simply navigate to the desired lesson, copy the URL, and send the link to your clients.

2. Email: If you plan to send multiple lessons to your client simultaneously, of if your client prefers to receive information via email, this is also possible. Simply navigate to the article, click the "share" button at the top-right of the page, and the article will be automatically pasted into your email browser.

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